Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank You, Agents

Dear Agents

Thank you so much for your positive comments and for following my blog. Am glad that you all find the class interesting but more importantly you have acquired the necessary knowledge that can helped improve your sales.

Hope to see you all again soon.

Hello Mr Steven, I'm not a computer expert, don't know where to click to become a follower. Anyway I enjoy the seminir on 12/4/2011. Thanks for share with us.

Hi, Mr. Steven I am also one of the participants of your event but not at Concorde Hotel KL but I just attended your class yesterday at Seri Mutiara Hotel at JB. Your presentation was wonderful (I ticked Execellent). All the technical knowledge and clauses you had highlighted are very useful (some of the clauses were the first time I had ever heard) to we agents to up our stake and beat the competition in this industry. Hope to see you in JB again soon for your next talk.

/I'm 29 follower today.. Generation now put yr blog explore at Facebook now. I'm Wayne.. MSIG agent and come to support.. Nice to meet u and feel yr seminar very interesting.. Thanks. ;-)

/Hi Steven , i am one for of the participant of your event in Concorde yesterday. Allow me express my thanks and gratitude for giving us a lively and interesting presentation . I reckon that the points highlighted are very relevant to our industry today .

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